Ellendale Billboard

One of our corporate clients contacted us for a billboard installation to advertise their new subdivision. A size was selected following a site meeting and concepts were drawn up to suit the location. Fully engineered form 15 and form 16 plans were required and obtained for installation. The billboard skin itself was then digitally printed and coated with UV clear liquid laminate. This would not only protect the print but elongate the life of the inks using UV inhibitors. A kedar edge was then sewn into the print to allow us to attach the banner skin to a sail track frame for a clean finish. The posts were custom fabricated at different heights to suit the uneven ground; this resulted in a level finish for the billboard without having to excavate the entire area.

. .

A machine auger was used to dig the large holes needed to drop in the fabricated steel cages. These were concreted in place creating the footings for all the posts to be craned in and bolted into place. Once all posts were level the cross pieces were fitted and the sail track banner was stretched across the face.

. . .

We have been able to easily update the banner skin since install due to the sail track system which we simply print, sew in kedar edges, and stretch into place!

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